At the point of making this video, the Bitcoin halving event of 2020 had just occurred. As a result, we started to see a bullish run in Bitcoin, and as usual, other cryptocurrencies referred to as “altcoins”.

Occasionally, an obscure altcoin would experience dramatic gains. If you own one, but it’s sitting in a wallet you don’t usually look at often, you may miss the event and fail to capitalise on it.

To keep an eye on all my altcoins, especially the low value ones commonly referred to as “shitcoins”, I have moved them all into one wallet. The wallet I picked is Exodus.

Exodus wallet supports a long list of tokens and has a beautiful user interface. It also displays a sum, in dollars, of all the assets in the portfolio of tokens. I like this feature very much. If the sum were to suddenly jump, I’d be alerted that at least one of my alts is experiencing a bull run.

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