Embedding DTube Videos

This experimental post will be testing two things essentially; the ability to embed DTube videos on a WordPress blog, and how Steem applications respond to it.

The above is one of my recent DTube videos. By default, interfaces like Busy auto embed the video within the post. Steemit on the other had just displays the video thumbnail as a linked graphic to the video on DTube.

It is actually possible to embed a DTube video within a Steemit post but it has to be done after the fact as a edit. The edit also breaks Busy’s (and other dapps’) embed of the video unfortunately.

My expectation is that this post will display correctly on WordPress and Steemit – since the embed method is the same for the two platforms. On Busy and other platforms, however, I expect the video to not be displayed in an embedded form. Rather I expect there to be some kind of error code, or the iframe code displayed as text.

Another thing that I noticed is that the default width of the embedded video is 512 pixels. This doesn’t look nice to me on WordPress, as the text paragraph width is much wider than that. I edited the iframe code and changed the width to 1200 pixels. I’m not sure what the effect of that would be on Steemit or Busy.

Anyhow it doesn’t matter much right now. This video will not be playable at some point when it gets deleted from the IPFS server, so DTube isn’t really the best place to embed videos from right now. There are other IPFS solutions that will keep the video for much longer (as long as the correct payment is kept up I believe).

Nevertheless, I find the exercise interesting just to see what’s possible and how various platforms respond to inputs from WordPress.

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