LBRY.TV is an alternative to YouTube, but so much more. For one, it’s sitting on a blockchain that makes it censorship resistant. Secondly, it’s decentralised so there’s no single point of authority, which means nobody can take your videos down just because they don’t like you, or for what ever reason.

The part that will appeal to most people is that once you’ve verified your account, you can start monetising your LBRY channel from day one. There are no algorithms that will determine who gets paid and who doesn’t, rather you get rewarded in tips.

The tips are in the form of a cryptocurrency token called $LBC which is the currency of LBRY’s blockchain.

You have an option to sync your existing YouTube channel to it. When you do this, videos you upload to YouTube automatically sync to You don’t have to do anything else. This works like a back up of sorts, but you can get tipped on LBRY for said video.

The other way is to manually upload, which is what I do. This video above shows you how to upload a video to The process is quite simple.

If you don’t already have a LBRY account, you can join here.