Testing Video Posts

In terms of content creation, I’m about 50-50 between articles and videos. Most people are mostly one or the other.

This is why it is crucial in this early stage of building my website that the template I’ve selected works well with video posts.

There are two ways I could post a video. I could upload it natively to the website, or much better, embed it from a 3rd party video host such as YouTube or Vimeo. In future I will probably be looking at IPFS options and self-hosting, but that’s cost prohibitive at the moment.

Besides, I hardly create what could be termed ‘controversial’ content, so I haven’t ever experienced content censorship that I’m aware of. As such, I’m not as concerned about decentralised file hosting as others are, even though I do support it as the way forward.

Uploaded Video

This short video was uploaded directly to the website so every time it is watched, it takes from the bandwidth allowance. The onus is also on the web servers to serve the video. Since it’s a short sequence that probably won’t be watched that much, It’s perfectly fine for now. If it goes viral for whatever reason and it starts to weigh down my website, then I may take it down. 🙂

I’m more interested in seeing how the video is presented on the Steem Blockchain – so when viewing on Steemit, will it show as if embedded?

Embedded Video

The following video is embedded from YouTube. It’s a vlog I made back in 2016 during one of our Instagram meet ups in London.

Embedding videos from YouTube work very well on Steem – perhaps even better than on WordPress. I’m expecting the YouTube embedded videos to work as expected without issue.

These posts from WordPress in the early days of my new website, apart from serving as a way of testing that everything is working, also help me see what the issues are with posting to Steem directly from my website via SteemPress.

In my last post, I noticed the footer didn’t make it across to Steem. It did in the first post, so I don’t know if something has changed since then.

In coming posts I’ll be testing tables and some text formatting. I already know text colour will not make it through. I have, however, seen certain font formats on Steem that I’ve been unable to achieve using Markdown so I assume that’s an HTML thing.

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