The Future Of Monetisation Is Here

This is yet another Steem Blockchain related post. In this post I’m going to be testing to see if by using the “palnet” tag here on a WordPress site, the post is propagated all the way to the Steem Blockchain condenser. is a new (at the point of writing this) Steem based dapp that employs its own token, PAL, to reward content. is, however, plugged into the Steem Blockchain much like other Steem dapps, and any content created using that condenser is available to other Steem condensers.

The reverse is not necessarily true though. In order for a post to appear on, the “palnet” tag must be included in the post. It needs not be the first one, it just needs to be one of the allowed five.

The test is thus quite a simple one – I will be using said “palnet” tag. We already know that posts propagate relatively well to the Steem Blockchain with the included tags. I am expecting this to happen seamlessly.

In which case, consider a time when multiple blockchains implement this technology. I imagine having several blockchains able to reward posts, and having your content propagated to their dapp simply by the use of a tag and a WordPress plugin. The same post made on a WordPress website has the possibility of being automatically published across multiple locations, each with its own monetary incentives.

In the old/present paradigm, most monetised websites are relying on advertising programs such as Adsense or affiliate marketing. Under this system, the most valuable thing is traffic. The higher traffic to your website, the better chance of earnings. In the tokenised future, the potential is limitless. In that world, community would supersede traffic as the desired thing.

That future has arrived, even if only at its infancy. We’ve had it on the Steem Blockchain for 3 years. Soon enough, the rest of the world will start paying attention.

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