On this page you will find information about the resources that I use on a daily basis to create content.  The information on here will evolve over time.

I use these personally, so I can recommend them to you from experience.  The information on this page will evolve over time naturally as I stop using some things or discover new resources and products.

Most of the links are affiliate links, as usual, and will most likely earn me a small commission if you make a purchase after clicking them.

Online Tools

Website Host:  Tshost – a UK based company with a high quality, dependable yet affordable hosting.  I used to use Bluehost, but I wanted something cheaper and better.  Tshost was recommended to me by a friend and I’m happy with them so far.

Web Browser:  Brave – a faster, more secure browser that won’t follow you around and sell your data.

You can also make money while using the Brave browser.  Every referral that you bring earns about $5 USD worth of BAT tokens.

You can support my content by downloading Brave via this link.

Social Media: Steemit – A blockchain based social media platform that rewards creators with crypto currency called Steem.  I monetise this website by having some of by blogs published automatically to the Steem blockchain.


Digital Photo Camera:  This is the camera I take most of my photos with.

Video / Vlog Camera:  This is the camera I record my YouTube and DTube videos with.

Power Bank:  This is the power bank that I take with me everywhere.  It can recharge my iPhone 7 six times!

Tripod:  This tripod can hold all my cameras and my smartphone.

Microphone:  This is the microphone I use to record voiceovers.

Microphone Boom Arm:  This is the boom arm I use to hold my mic, and sometimes my camera.

Lapel Microphone:  This is the microphone I use when I need cleaner video in my videos.

Phone Gimbal:  I use this to get super smooth video with my smartphone.